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You can compute the effective index propagation constant, the effective group index dispersion, the linear influence of external changes e. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Answered has anyone calculated effective refractive index in pcf hey. How can i calculate an effective refractive index by using comsol. The calculation uses a refractivity gradient of 39e9. Rp photonics encyclopedia effective refractive index. Calculate the effective refractive index of each mode for the given diameter and wavelength or versus variable diameter or wavelength modal dispersion. Effective earth radius matlab effearthradius mathworks. How can i calculate an effective refractive index by using. Find phasematching points for harmonic generation in fibres. Optical fibre toolbox file exchange matlab central. Has anyone calculated effective refractive index in pcf.

As a result, re is approximately 43 of the actual earth radius. I want to calculate effective refractive index for photonic crystal fiber through matlab implementation of any. I designed this function with the clear intention in mind of constructing a useful database of refractive index. This is basically a function to organize things and hopefully set an standard. Computing refractive index with sellmeier formula file. Note that the effective refractive index depends not only on the wavelength but also for multimode waveguides on the mode in which the light propagates. How to calculate the n effective effective refractive. As soon as the effective refractive index reaches the refractive index of the cladding, erdogan solution is applied. In the region where the effective refractive index approaches that of the surrounding, this solution gets close to the twolayer solution classical heeh, te and tm proven below. How to calculate the n effective effective refractive index of silicon etched sample. The function computes the refractive index using a standard form of the sellmeier formula as the ones used in osas handbooks of optics. Learn more about fdtd, effective refractive index, fem matlab.

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