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A tungstenhalogen lamp having an aluminosilicate glass envelope with a wedge base. Means this lamp meets federal minimum efficiency standards. Pdf spectral irradiance model for tungsten halogen lamps in 340. Tungsten halogen light is an incandescent, firebased light source, just like sunlight. The tungsten halogen light source is a longstanding, incandescent lamp, made desirable for machine vision applications by mercron, since it main source of infrared light. Halogen light sources operating tungsten halogen lamps lamp life and operating voltage all lamp parameters depend on a specific operating voltage. Quartz tungsten halogen lamps pdf catalogs brochure. The lamp may include a getter in the form of a tantalum wire or strip which is also secured in the base pinch seal. Quartz tungsten halogen qth lamps are popular visible and near infrared sources. Reflector tungsten halogen lamps for general lighting.

The new model was the new model was tested with lamps of types fel and w, 120 v quartz halogen dxw. Precise mr16 lamps are low voltage tungsten halogen reflectormounted lamps popular for downlighting and accent lighting applications because of their. These bulbs work in a similar way to an incandescent bulb by running electricity through a tungsten filament. E bulb base podut numbe footnotes podut code desiption pg ty.

So please leave eu citizens free to choose from an open market. Halogen lamp symbols, footnotes and abbreviations are located on pages 13. We have eliminated lead solder in the majority of sylvania general purpose incandescent a19, b10, and globeshaped lamp products. A tungsten halogen lamp in hard glass in which the temperature gradient in the envelope is such that the top of the latter is at about 200 c. Align the tungsten halogen filament position to be in the center line of the optical axis. Halogen lamps are preferable to incandescents in many applications due to. Lighting for stage requires spectacular and delicate effects, a dynamic atmosphere. A halogen lamp, also known as a tungsten halogen, quartzhalogen or quartz iodine lamp. Pdf we have developed a physical model for the spectral irradiance of 1 kw tungsten halogen incandescent lamps for the wavelength range. Leadin wires of molybdenum are secured through the base in a pinch seal and support an unstabilized tungsten coil filament by clamping. Use clean gloves or lintfree cloth for installation and removal.

Energy efficient low voltage dichroic mirror halogen reflector lamps. Lamp life is the time after which on average half of a determined number of lamps fail filament burn outs. Osram eke x 150w 21v mr16 longlife tungsten halogen lamp. Comparing to the halogen lamp, the incandescent lamp is able to provide only 80% of its lumens at the end of the life as the clarity of glass wall becomes fade due to tungsten deposition on it whereas the tungsten halogen lamp is able to provide above 95% of its lumens at the end of life. Consult microcontrole spectraphysicss quartz tungsten halogen lamps brochure on directindustry. Unlike the incandescent, there is halogen gas inside. Halogen light sources operating tungsten halogen lamps. Operating these lamps at a higher voltage greatly reduces their life. Msds lamp material information sheet doubleended or pinbased quartz halogen lamps pdf. Technical information halogen low voltage lamp with reflector no. Align the tungstenhalogen filament position to be in the center line of the optical axis.

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